3D CT reconstruction


Images at CT scans can be modeled in 3D reconstruction. This technique may help the orthopedic specialist when surgery is planned. The following pictures (A: anterior view; B: posterior view) show a fracture of the right femur in a patient with multiple myeloma (my personal archive):


A              B






The bone densitometry (DEXA scan) can give 3 possible results:
  - Normal
  - Osteopenia
  - Osteoporosis
Patients with myeloma-related osteopenia or osteoporosis typically need montthly bisphosphonates, and daily supplements of calcium and vitamin D.

The following bone densitometry (my personal archive) shows osteopenia. In this particular patient, the T score is -2.1 standard deviation in the lumbar spine, and -2.4 standard deviation in the right femur. The 10-year probability of hip fracture is about 2%.





Giampaolo Talamo, M.D.