The following pictures show a large plasmacytoma in the left frontal calvarium. There is a lytic lesion with an associated soft tissue mass, evident at different imaging techniques, including x-rays (A), CT scan (B, D, F), and MRI (C, E, G) (my personal archive).

There is a large left frontal mass with associated calvarial lytic process extending both intracranially and in the extracranial scalp space. It measured 5.2 x 5.0 x 5.6 cm and it appeared centered within the calvarium. Differential diagnosis included metastasis from a solid malignancy, hemangiopericytoma, and aggressive meningioma. Biopsy revealed a plasmacytoma. The MRI showed vasogenic edema of the cerebral parenchyma in the left frontal lobe (G). The plasmacytoma caused mass effect on the left frontal horn and 1 cm left to right right midline shift.






B         C



D         E



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Giampaolo Talamo, M.D.