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In my life and medical career, I have been blessed by God. My father was a community physician in southern Italy, and I learned from him the patience and dedication to this job. Over time, I have worked with many excellent persons in various places, mainly Italy, New York City, Arkansas, and Pennsylvania. I even had the fortune to meet and work with true giants of medicine. In this page, I also want to thank several people, including doctors, nurses, and researchers I met over the years, listed below in alphabetical order.
Giampaolo Talamo, MD





     From left to right: Giampaolo Talamo, MD; Jo Ann Davidson, CRNP; Julia Stover, RN; Muhammad A Mir, MD, FACP (2015)


   2017     2007





Bart Barlogie, MD

One of the most important myeloma doctors in the world

Antonio Cerruti, MD

"Il Presidente"

Michael H. Creer, MD

Jo Ann C. Davidson, CRNP, FNP-BC

Nathan Dolloff, PhD

James F. Holland, MD

A legend in medicine. One of the "founding fathers" of medical oncology.

Mitzi Lowe, RN

Jozef Malysz, MD

Manoj Pandey, PhD

Pier Giuseppe Pelicci, MD

Maurizio Zangari, MD

Junjia Zhu, PhD





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